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A Revolution in Sports

Coaching over recruiting

Repetition over trick plays

Preparation for HS over youth trophies

Passion for sports over reliving dreams

We value the process over the destination

We value the progress over the wins

We value players over profit.

We have truly started a Revolution in youth sports.

We believe that a great coach is not the one who wins a bunch of youth championships but rather the one who can make the biggest changes in the life of an athlete. There are plenty of trophy chasing teams to choose from who teach nothing and benefit from the talent of kids who were recruited because they matured early. The truth is that those kids never make it because once the other kids catch up, the recruited kids don't understand how technique beats talent, and many of them quit in the face of adversity or find themselves cut from the very team that recruited them. The lesson that is often received is to quit or give up, since the very team that recruited them has done just that.

Our kids are not recruited, in fact we want all of the kids who get cut, because in our program most of those kids will take starting spots in highschool from those kids who were recruited. It happens every year. We take pride in what we do here because we do things differently, we do things right and we don't sacrifice integrity for wins or profit. We don't try to steal kids from other programs. We don't play players up to gain a competitive advantage. For us it is truly about growing kids and preparing them for the next level.

Come join the Revolution and see why what we do is different.

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