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Northland Revolution says #letusplay

With recent recommendation from the Clay County Health Department to move fall sports to the spring, there has been a #letusplay movement aimed to let the school districts, the health department, and the High School Athletic Associations know that we have done everything they asked us to do and we will continue to do our part to make sure we can play. We know there is a risk, we are willing to make every effort, and we will continue to do our part in protecting the mental and physical health of our players and their families. Our league of over 70 tackle football teams has a very strict return to play policy that we are following, we have added a position on our coaching staff to make sure we sanitize, and maintain all of the rules as required per their recommendations. Our parents have signed a waiver for both KCFC and Northland Revolution indicating they are aware of any risk involved in playing.

We believe that the mental, physical and emotional impact of keeping these kids out of sports is far greater than the risk of contracting a virus, and we also believe that this decision should be the choice of the parents and players.

Thank you,

Head Coach

Dustin Cundiff

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