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Revolution recognized for being the example of good sportsmanship.

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Every year KCFC hands out 3 major awards to recognize excellence with in the league of tackle football, flag football and cheer. They have a man of the year award, a hall of fame award and the Sportsmanship Award. This year, in our first ever season, the Revolution football teams took home the sportsmanship award which is presented to the team or individual that best exemplifies the importance of sportsmanship in football or cheer. During the ceremony it was said that not just one, but all 4 of the Revolution football teams showed to be examples of great character and sportsmanship. Jim Koenigsdorf, KCFC area director said later in and email that "You represent exactly what we hope all our coaches should focus on in teaching our young people not only the fundamentals of football but also the importance of teaching life lessons of hard work, discipline, putting the team ahead of the individual, respect your opponents, respect the officials, and good sportsmanship." These kind words are not only a reflection of our great staff and great kids, but also of the great parents and great people who have taken the time to invest in future generations. We definitely do things differently here with the Revolution, but at the end of the day our goal is to build great young men and women who are examples of great character.

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